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The activities of the Aphasia Center CIRP may be divided into four separate yet complementary macroareas:

Clinical intervention, social and community-based intervention, social training intervention, and research.


Clinical interventions (addressed to people with aphasia and their families) encompasses
1) Psychological intervention and individual and/or group psychotherapy
2) Group rehabilitation with narrative conversation utilizing verbal communication
3) Expression groups – Alfabeto Teatro (rehabilitation/reorganization of communication skills); NarrAzioni teatrali (playwriting and socialization); Percorso Cinema
4) Accompaniment and social reintegration


Social and community-based interventions (awareness raising about aphasia)
Meetings  at local town halls and public libraries in Turin
Training and counseling for volunteers


Social training interventions
Training of caregivers in supported conversation for adults with aphasia (SCA) techniques
Personal training and collaboration with the Stroke Unit Psychology Service